Today, not only the volumes and speeds of data are increasing, but also the number of their sources. It is necessary to learn how to automate their integration into existing IT systems.

Virtual Data Room – a perfect solution for a private investment company

Equity investment is an integral part of an open and well-functioning economic system and a major catalyst for development. Direct investments are made by legal entities and individuals who fully own the organization or control at least 10% of the shares or the authorized capital of the organization.

Most often, “equity investment” refers to the funding of foreign companies – the so-called “foreign equity investment”. In some cases, it is about opening subsidiaries in neighboring or distant countries. In other cases, the acquisition of control over existing companies in other states.

The assessment of domestic equity investment uses a set of common indicators of investment efficiency: return on investment, payback period, net worth, rate of return on invested capital, and more. It should be noted at once that foreign direct investment always has higher risks than at home. Therefore, risk assessment in the form of Due Diligence is an essential component of the overall assessment of the effectiveness of foreign direct investment.

The existence of risks as an integral part of entrepreneurial activity has led to the need to develop specific methods and techniques for identifying them when making and implementing management decisions. The private investment market has completely changed over the past 10 years. Virtual technology is used by private equity companies to maximize data management, investment strategy, analytics, and reporting. Besides, it is an appropriate tool for organizing evaluation procedures. Due diligence data room automates the entire customer journey with features such as the transaction pipeline, data enrichment, knowledge sharing, and investment opportunity assessment.

The principles of Data Room functionality

Assessing the value of the property is a complex and time-consuming process. Effective organization of this process involves the sequence of secure repositories for storing confidential files.

The basic goals of business Due Diligence via Data Room include:

  • determining the value of the enterprise in the case of its purchase and sale in whole or in part;
  • determining the value of securities in the case of purchase and sale of shares of the enterprise on the stock market;
  • development of the enterprise development plan. In the process of strategic planning, it is difficult to assess future revenue and image value;
  • determining the creditworthiness of the enterprise and the value of collateral in the lending process;
  • determination of remediation capacity in the process of remediation audit;
  • implementation of the investment project of business development;
  • enterprise restructuring. Carrying out market assessment in case of liquidation of the enterprise, merger, acquisition, or separation of independent enterprises;
  • increase the efficiency of current enterprise management.

The best Data Room providers

There are many alternatives to Data Room software in the market. But the most preferred options are:

  • Ideals
  • Intralinks
  • Firmex
  • Drooms
  • DealRoom
  • Ansarada.

Virtual Data Rooms are particularly suitable for companies that cannot rely on the necessary infrastructure on-site. These ensure continuous availability of the stored data and implement the necessary security precautions so that they can offer their customers a comprehensive service of high quality.Equipped with special security features, these providers offer additional functionality that is not available from normal webspace.

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