Avast is the company that is best known for its cybersecurity software production, especially for the antivirus application. One of its main selling points is the diverse ecosystem with different extensions, additional features and compatible programs that boost already good protection services. Avast virus chest is an extension that is available for all the users, regardless of the license they use, which makes it one of the best features you can get for the value. It is essential to understand how to use it properly to get the most out of the using experience.

The idea behind the Virus Chest extension

Virus Chest as well as other additional features of the antivirus by Avast was created to complement the functionality of the program to make it even more convenient for the user. In fact, Virus Chest is one of the most innovative and original ideas by the Avast developers.

Avast Virus Chest is a virtual space, where the application stores all the potentially harmful files and folders before sending them to the Threat Lab that checks them for the presence of the malicious software.

Best tips on how to use the feature:

  • The feature is automatically enabled in the latest versions of the antivirus, which means that any suspicious file goes right into the chest. You can always extract it from the chest to open with the risk of being exposed to the external threats;
  • You can always turn it off and manage all the files manually. It does not mean that the device loses the real-time protection from the antivirus. You will still be notified about suspicious files, but Avast will not quarantine them in the Chest automatically;
  • To manage the Virus Chest you have to open the main settings tab of the Avast antivirus and locate the features in the list. You can always change the way it functions, without having to wait.

Why does anyone need a Virus Chest feature?

Avast Virus Chest can be considered one of the best additional features of the application due to its convenience. Moreover, you do not have to buy a license to obtain it, as long as it is included in the basic version of the program. It also does not affect the performance of the computer, which may be the most interesting point for some users, so you do not have to worry about high CPU usage while using it.


Overall, Avast Virus Chest is a function that can improve the experience of using the application significantly. It comes automatically enabled in the basic version of the program, which makes it even more attractive for most of the users. It prevents harmful software from launching on the computer and locks them in a virtual space to send their copies to the Threat Labs.

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