Avast Antivirus is one of the best-selling cybersecurity applications on the modern market due to its convenient features, high-quality support and simple interface. However, users complain about the performance issues that occur while using it with multiple additional features. Avast passive mode can be the best and easiest solution for this problem. The article will dive into the benefits of the passive mode and explain how to use it in the best way.

What is a passive mode?

Avast is an antivirus application that relies on real-time scanning processes for the best protection from external threats. It means that the program runs multiple background processes that scan the device and identify the presence of malicious software. Some of the functions can be quite demanding, especially for the less productive computer systems. Therefore, turning them off can be an option for some of the users that struggle to get the best performance without losing the quality of the protection.

Benefits of the passive mode:

  • Avast gets all the updates and new virus signatures from the server, which means that the user always has the latest and most efficient version of the software;
  • This feature only disables real-time protection, which means that user can manually launch the scanning process in the most convenient time;
  • It boosts the performance of the system significantly, which frees the resources for other applications and processes;
  • It is really flexible and the application switches between the active and passive modes quite quickly, so the user can turn the real-time protection back at any time;
  • It gives the user an option to use multiple antivirus applications at once.

Who needs to use the passive mode feature?

Even though the passive mode has a lot of significant benefits for the user, you should not abuse it. It is essential to point out that the real-time protection is always much more convenient and safe to use than a passive scans. Most of the viruses can drop the data on the hard drive without being noticed by the user. However, active protection identifies the malicious software before it has the chance to do any harm to the system.

Steps to enable a passive mode:

  • Launch the main menu of Avast applications and go to the settings tab;
  • The passive mode function is located in the common settings tab;
  • Reboot the computer to apply all the changes successfully.

Bottom line

Passive mode function can be considered a viable option for users that have limited performance resources of the device. It disables all the background-scanning processes to get rid of the slowdowns without losing the quality of the protection. However, you should be cautious with using this mode on the permanent basis.

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